Dazed and Fused-Con 2019 – Event Report

Group picture of all our mages after 6 rounds

24 players joined us on April 20 from Montreal, Quebec City, Oshawa, Brockville and Smiths Falls. $360 was raised for the Ottawa Food Bank.

Prizes included a Suchi for 1st place after Swiss, an altered Demonic Tutor a lots of pre-rolled joints
Prizes for the Chaos Orb Flip Off (Winner: Laurence) and the prize pool contributions from our guests

Decklists and standings

Detailed standings are available on Challonge.

1st: Jimmy – The Deck

Jimmy was undefeated after 5 rounds and continued on to win round 6.

2nd: Lorenzo – Troll Disco

3rd: Jamie – UR Counter Burn

4th: Francois – Beast Island

5th: Pat – UW Flying Control (No decklist)

6th: Louis – Troll Disco

7th: Jason – UR Counter Burn (No decklist)

8th: Mark – Grixis Atog Rack

9th: David – Mono B Singles

10th: Andy – Mono B Control

11th: Jason – UW Control (Best unpowered)

12th: Laurence – Grixis Burn (Chaos Flip winner)

13th: Joe – Mono W

14th: Karl – The Montreal Special (aka Trikenator)

15th: Brian – Mono B Control

16th: Ernest – UR Counter Burn

17th: Dave – UR Counter Burn

18th: Patrick – BUG Djinns

19th: Kevin – Enchantress

20th: Chris – Mono B Rack

21st: Derrick – All Hands on Deck (Hand and boat tribal; Spiciest)

22nd: Yannick – Poisoned Void

23rd: Kyril – 4c Channel Fireball

24th: Shawn – Mono W Artifacts

It was a great turnout. Great people. Great beers. We hope to make this a bi-annual event!

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