September 2023 Monthly – Event

Some photos courtesy of Jason

We had 18 wizards join us for the September monthly at the Royal Oak on Kent Street including two new players.

Interrupt – Second edition

The monthly also coincided with the Ottawa launch of Interrupt, Canada’s premier Old School zine. Get your copy by contacting Kevin or @foggie.

Mono Black Disco vs. Mono Blue Shops

This month, decks skewed towards being spikier with 2 appearances each from Workshop decks and The Deck.

Colorless Shops vs. Mono White Weenie

Though both Workshop decks were off-meta, lands that make 3 mana do seem to push you far ahead.

There were also plenty of burn spells to go around, finding homes in RG Erhnam Djinn, Sedge Troll, and Atog builds.

An Orb flip gone terribly wrong

There were three 3-0s headed into the last round which meant a winner could be decided on breakers. That is exactly what happened. Patrick and Matt both finish 4-0 but Patrick takes it on breakers. Congratulations Patrick!

Final standings

1st: Patrick – Mono Blue Shops

2nd: Matt – RUG Aggro

3rd: Jimmy – The Deck

4th: Brian – Colorless Shops

5th: Lorenzo – The Deck

6th: Nathan – Mono Black Aggro

7th: Joe – Mono White Weenie

8th: Kevin – UWR 12-Bolt

9th: Eddie – Dreams combo

10th: Kostas – Mono White Weenie

11th: Paul – RG Erhnam ‘n Berzerk ’em

12th: François – UR Atog

13th: John – RG Erhnam ‘n Berzerk ’em

14th: Jason – Mono Black Disco

15th: Dylan – UWR Skies

16th: Jonathan – BR Troll Land Destruction

17th: Fred – BW Banshee Link

18th: Mike – 5-colour Midrange

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