ChaosCon II Event Report

$2,641 was raised for the Ottawa Food Bank

50 players joined us for the second ever ChaosCon. Players played through 6 rounds of Old School (Boreal banlist) in Swiss format.

We had players from Southwestern Ontario, Montreal, Toronto and even British Columbia. We also piqued the curiosity of some new Ottawa players.

We sent $2,641 to the Ottawa Food Bank where monetary donations can be stretched further because of their partners.

Organizer’s musings

I was quite worried our numbers would push beyond what we could fit in the basement at the Glebe Clocktower. We could have maybe gone to 52 players. Beyond that, players would have had to play on the main floor of the bar which would have made announcements difficult.

Six rounds seemed like the perfect amount of Magic and the time slot worked out perfectly: It allowed our Montreal friends to drive in and out on the same day.

Enter the subgame

Overall, the event ran very smoothly. Everyone behaved, and I didn’t lose my voice the next day.

I am deeply thankful for those who contributed prizes and for everyone who acted excellent with each other. Running events with such a great community is fulfilling for me and I look forward to doing it next year.

Pieces of flair

Also, a thank you to Jason Keays whose pictures I stole. Why not check out Terrain Basique – Episode 260 where he talks about the tournament.


Lorenzo was the sole 6-0 at the end of six rounds and takes home the bragging rights (and a stamped Strip Mine). Congratulations Lorenzo! Well deserved.

1st: Lorenzo Foroni – The Deck

2nd: Josh Rider – 4c Trolls

3rd: Derrick Boyce – 4C Cockatrice

4th: Brian Wilkinson – Mono Brown Shops

5th: Joel Bowers – RUw Atog

6th: Matthew Parker – RUG Atog

7th: Tristan Bates – UR Atog

8th: Chris Roszell – UW Skies

9th: Brenden McBain – Big Rwb

10th: Evan Whitworth – Snailor Moon

11th: Simon Gaudreault – BW Deadguy Ale

12th: Joe Skrepnek – Mono G Aggro

13th: Shane Chiasson – Reanimator

14th: Justin Wheeler – Mono G Aggro

15th: Eddie Riche – UW Skies

16th: Brian Bogdon – BRU Dreams Combo

17th: Benoit Seveno – Storytime

18th: Alistair Ingram – Machinehead

19th: Sebastien Gaudreault – Troll Disco

20th: James Duncan – The Deck

21th: Pierre-Olivier Roy – BR Troll Disco

22th: Eric Do Couto – BW Deadguy

23th: James Hine – Mono Black Aggro

24th: Peter Soltesz – The Deck

25th: Dominic Beaudry – Erhnam on Ice

26th: Benjamin Gadoua – Lion Dib Bolt

27th: Stella Ramirez – UW Skies

28th: Ed Maier – UR Counterburn

29th: Dylan Kibbee – UWR Skies

30th: Andy Dolan – BW Deadguy

31th: Francois Wathier – Bolt Shops

32th: Raymond Mitchell – Mono Black Aggro

33th: Kostas Tataropoulous – Unknown

34th: Rob Koo – Mono Red Goblins

35th: Samuel Beaudry – Pink Aggro

36th: Jon Zuber – Tax Edge

37th: Mike Lorette – 4c Trolls

38th: John Pinck – RG Transmogrant

39th: Chelsea Skrepnek – Mono White Aggro

40th: Laurence Boulanger – UR Counterburn

41st: Paul Goertz – Erhnam and Burn ’em

42nd: Kiley Rider – UGb Fungusaur

43rd: Jason Keays – Mono Black Aggro

44th: Mike Yam – UR Dan-Dan Aggro

45th: Michael Troop – RG Goblins

46th: Laura Wilkinson – Big Red

47th: Zac Hammond – UR Stasis

48th: Patrick McElligott – Jund Aggro

49th: Hector Borzelli – Mono R Aggro

50th: Kevin Vanier – WBu Night Knight

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