February 2024 Monthly – Event

15 + 1 handsome mages (This picture and many below courtesy of Jason)

We had 15 people at our February monthly at the Royal Oak on Kent Street.

Three decks pushed for card advantage using Jayemdae Tome, a card that is hilariously outclassed in today’s Magic.

Ivory Tower keeping The Deck in the game

There was not a lot of green this week, unless you sound singleton Regrowths.

Tron online

That contrasted with Lightning Bolt where about half of the decks packed the efficient burn spell.


Going into Round 4, the only two 3-0s faced off. Kostas (White Weenie) made short work of Pat (The Deck) before he could stabilize.

I take 2, you take 5

Congratulations Kostas! A big win for white weenie (and Samite Healer) See you on March 8!

Final standings

1st: Kostas – Mono White Weenie (Bonus: Budget)

2nd: Pat – The Deck

3rd: Eddie – UW Flyers

4th: Christian – Lion Dib Bolt (LDB)

5th: Patrick – 4c Trolls

6th: Dylan – UWR Flyers

7th: Joe – Mono Green Aggro

8th: Fred – Blue Moon

9th: Jason – Mono Black Aggro (Jason talks about it on his podcast, Terrain Basique)

10th: Francois – Burn Shops

11th: John – RBu Troll Disco (Bonus: Rukh Eggs)

12th: Paul – RG Erhnam ‘n Burn ’em

13th: Chelsea – Mono White Weenie

14th: Jimmy – The Deck (Sub 2 Bolts for 2 Ivory Tower)

15th: Evan – Tin Feet

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