August 2023 Monthly – Event

August monthly turnout – Two people not pictured.

Ten players gathered to play at the Royal Oak for this month’s event. We welcomed a new player, Fred, who first started playing in Revised.

Black disco facing down a tough clock.

Multi-coloured decks were the hotness with only 2 players opting to bring single colours. Fourteen of the 20 matches were won in 2 games with 2 of the remaining 6 games going to Chaos Orb flips.

A Serendib Efreet getting captured by a City in a Bottle

Later in the night, local Commander players descended into our reserved area. I could see their attention veer towards our games as Chaos Orb flips started happening.

The Deck mirror

Both with 3-0 records going into the fourth round, Jimmy (The Deck) and Kevin (12-Bolt) opted to arm wrestle to decide who chooses to play or draw.

The Deck mirror goes to flips

Jimmy wins the arm wrestle but Kevin takes the final in 2 games for a decisive 4-0 finish. Congratulations Kevin!

The prize card among Kevin’s cards

Final standings

1st: Kevin – 12-Bolt

2nd: Jimmy – The Deck

3rd: Patrick – Trolls no Disco

4th: Jason – Black Disco

5th: Francois – The Deck

6th: Kostas – Mono Red Goblins

7th: Dylan – UWR Skies

8th: Eddie – BRU Parfait Dreams

9th: Fred – Troll Disco

10th: Mike – BWG Pestilence and Fungus

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