April 28 – Event Report

Our mages, minus Daniel, plus Kostas

Jimmy hosted 13 players at his condo today including special guest Daniel Chang from VintageMagic.com. Daniel was in the area on business so we rallied the troops with the promise that there would be original art. And there was.

Original art for Savannah Lions, Island (the best one), Counterspell, Mana Vault, Underground Sea, Mox Sapphire, Time Walk, Clone, Pirate Ship, Keldon Warlord, and Phantasmal Forces

We did a 4 round tournament which meant there would be likely 4-0 at the end.

Before the last round, we decided there would be a Top 2 to decide who got the Steve Wozniak autographed Vintage Magic playmat. Jamie cleaned up as the sole 4-0 on UR Counter Burn. But we went to Top 2 where he faced Lorenzo on Troll Disco.

See the standings after 4 rounds of Swiss.

Our Top 2 battle it out for prizes

Lorenzo upset our champion in the finals which saw a strong appearance from Sol’Kanar.

Lorenzo, our playmat winner with Daniel

Final standings

1st: Jamie – UR Counter Burn
2nd: Lorenzo – Troll Disco (Winner of Top 2)
3rd: Richard – RG Aggro
4th: Michael – Unknown
5th: Daniel – The Deck
6th: Andy – Mono B
7th: Louis – RW Manipulator
8th: Jimmy – The Deck
9th: Kevin – RGW Aggro
10th: Patrick – Grixis Djinns
11th: Dylan – WB Deadguy
12th: Pat – Mono G
13th: David – Mono B

Thanks for dropping by, Daniel!

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