January 2024 Monthly – Event

12 wizards for the January monthly

Twelve people braved the possible snow storm and came to the Royal Oak to jam 4 rounds of Old School.

Reanimating an opponent’s Shivan (photo: Jason)

A few people showed up with different decks from their arsenal which meant coming with a deck to beat the meta wasn’t easy.

Live by the City in a Bottle, die by the City in a Bottle (photo: Kevin)

Kevin showed up with a not-very-Kevin deck and was the sole 3-0 going into the 4th round.

8 damage sprite (photo: Jason)

Kevin finishes the tournament with a clean 4-0 record and our prize card. Congratulations Kevin!

Final standings

1st: Kevin – 4c Midrange

2nd: Francois – Shops with Bolts

3rd: Fred – 4c Trolls

4th: Jason – Mono Black Aggro

5th: Pat – Gb Aggro

6th: Patrick – Lion Su-chi Bolt

7th: Evan – Snailor Moon

8th: Vincent – Arabian Aggro

9th: Jimmy – BRU Midrange

10th: Kostas – ?

11th: Eddie – UW Flyers

12th: Dylan – UWR Flyers

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