October 2023 Monthly – Event

Ottawa Old Schoolers

We had 17 players for October’s event. Royal Oak got us in the spooky spirit with on-theme decorations.

In the face of defeat, Chelsea attempts to bargain.

Despite it being the spookiest month of the year, there were no Mono Black decks.

Two enchantments that wished they were any other card.

Black was barely even seen at all.

Between-round chats

RUG Atog was the deck to beat with 3 copies out of 17 players.

Lorenzo deciding whether Moat resolves.

Green generally well-represented, with Argothian Pixies leading the charge against the Workshop boogeyman, which didn’t make an appearance.

A tired Shivan Dragon taking a nap between rounds

After 4 rounds, it was The Deck (Lorenzo) vs. Mono Green (Joe) in the finals.

Dylan looking to pressure The Deck

Lorenzo takes it in 2 games. Congratulations Lorenzo!

Four players battle it out.

And a big thank you to Chelsea for the pics.

Fred with 1 card to Lorenzo’s 7.

Final standings

1st: Lorenzo – The Deck

2nd: Dylan – UWR Skies

3rd: Joe – Mono Green

4th: Kostas – Mono Red or Mono White

5th: David – RUG Atog

6th: Matt – RUG Atog

7th: Andy – Bw Deadguy

8th: John – GR Aggro

9th: Patrick – WU Midrange

10th: Justin – Mono Green

11th: Eddie – RUG Atog

12th: Jimmy – The Deck (Substitute 2 Lightning Bolts for 2 Ivory Tower)

13th: Chelsea – Mono White

14th: Fred – UR Counterburn

15th: Francois – WGU Erhnamgeddon

16th: Mike – Mono Green

17th: Jonathan – BR Disco Troll

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