June 2019 Monthly – Event Report

June 2019 Monthly
June 2019 Monthly

We launched our first ever monthly event last Friday. It was the first time some of us had played the London Mulligan.

Perusing of the trade binders

15 mages descended upon the Clocktower Brew Pub in Ottawa, Ontario. Based on attendance, we did 4 rounds.

Mono B vs. The Deck

There was a lot of variety with brews and tiered decks spread out over the brewpub. Mono colour decks were well represented and were scattered throughout over the standings.

Twiddlevault vs. Mono W

Despite allowing proxies, very few were seen at the event.

5c Djinns vs. Mono G

We were pleased with how it all worked out. We look forward to seeing everyone next month on August 23!

Final standings

Congratulations to Louis! After 4 rounds, Louis was the sole 4-0 and took down our first monthly event with Grixis Atog.

1st: Louis – Grixis Atog
2nd: Patrick – 5c Djinns
3rd: Kevin – Mono G
4th: Jimmy – The Deck
5th: Justin – Mono W
6th: Jason M – UW Control
7th: Lorenzo – Troll Disco
8th: Dylan – WB Deadguy 
9th: Brian – Mono B
10th: Jim – Twiddlevault
11th: Michael – Mono W
12th: Matteo – Naya Weenie
13th: Andy – Mono B
14th: Laura – BR Midrange
15th: Jason K – Mono W

Louis with the sought-after prize card

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