July 2019 Monthly – Event Report

July 2019 Monthly

We topped last monthly’s player count of 15 and had 16 players. That’s right, 16, in the middle of summer.

Grindy game: Troll Disco vs. The Deck

Clocktower Brew Pub in the Glebe graciously hosted us. Given our track record, they’ll be looking at accommodating us in the basement which will (likely) be a bit cooler than the main floor.

5c Djinns vs. Mono W

Mono-colored decks had an even stronger representation this month with Mono Black securing 4th through 6th place.

Mono B vs. Mono R (From Terrain Basique)

In the finals, two undefeated decks, BR Control and Mono B, faced each other. Pat, BR Control pilot, took down the tournament in 4 rounds and was our July 2019 Champion!

Pat: Our July 2019 champion

Final standings

Detailed standings are available on Challonge.

1st: Pat – BR Rack Control
2nd: Kevin – Mono G Ifh-biff
3rd: Jamie – UR Counterburn
4th: Brian – Mono B Void
5th: Andy – Mono B
6th: Jason K – Mono B
7th: Lorenzo – Troll Disco
8th: Jason M – UW Control
9th: Patrick – 5c Djinns
10th: Joe – Mono W
11th: Jimmy – The Deck
12th: David – Mono R
13th: Matteo – Naya Weenie
14th: Michael – Mono W
15th: Dylan – Mardu Control
16th: Laura – Mono R Ramp

Bonus pic: Exhibition game (From Terrain Basique)

We hope to see everyone at next month’s tournament on August 16.

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