May 2024 Monthly – Event

Our wizards – Some pictures courtesy of Jason

We had a smaller number than usual of wizards with 12 making it to our usual spot at the Royal Oak. We welcomed two new players who quickly showed others that they’ve been playing since 1993.

The stack

We definitely had some nice spice this month with Xira Arien, Air Elemental and Wall of Wood making appearances. Unfortunately, they struggled to overcome the many Lightning Bolts, Ancestral Recalls and Mishra’s Workshops.

Countering a Dib with Spell Blast

With enough Serras and Moats around, it might be worth making sure you can deal with these in June.

Very disappointed Royal Assassins

As the sole 3-0s, Dylan (UWR Flyers) and Patrick (Alpha Aggro) faced each other in the finals in what would be a continuation of a grudge match from April.

A freshly cast Moat becomes a problem

Patrick takes the finals in 3 games and wins back-to-back monthlies. Congratulations Patrick! (which is weird to say because I also write these reports…)

A good first turn on the play

Final standings

1st: Patrick – RBuw Alpha Aggro

2nd: Matt – RUG Atog

3rd: Dylan – UWR Flyers

4th: Francois – Burn Shops

5th: Glen – UWb Flyers

6th: Fred – UR Counterburn

7th: Eddie – UWb Midrange

8th: Cody – BR Aggro

9th: Myles – UWRb Lion Dib Bolt

10th: Jason – Mono U Fatties

11th: Andrew – 4c Shivans and the motley crew

12th: Mike – Wonderwall

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