July 2023 Monthly – Event

July monthly turnout – Some pics courtesy of Jason of Terrain Basique

We were 14 mages strong at this month’s event. Our players braved the Bluesfest traffic and fought over the last parking spots in downtown Ottawa.

Beast Island vs. UWR Skies

This month, our Workshops cherry was popped. As far as I know, in the history of Ottawa monthlies, no one had ever brought Shops.

UWR Skies vs. Mono Black

Typically, we don’t have a lot of artifact-heavy decks like The Deck, Parfait, and Atog so I wonder if players have been trimming their Crumbles and Disenchants.

Black Disco vs. Atog

Mono Black appeared to be the deck to beat with 3 pilots tonight. Each boasting at least 2 Initiates of the Ebon Hand.

No mono colour decks allowed.

After 3 rounds, our two undefeated players Francois (UBR Shops) and Jason (Unpowered Mono Black Disco) faced off against each other. Francois, who joined us for his first ever monthly event, takes it in 2 games. Congratulations Francois!

Final standings

1st: Francois – UBR Shops

2nd: Patrick – LDB (Lion, Dib, Bolt)

3rd: Jason – Unpowered Mono Black Disco

4th: Paul – Erhnam ‘n Berzerk ’em

5th: James – The Deck

6th: Joe – Mono White Weenie

7th: Dylan – UWR Skies

8th: David – URg Atog

9th: Kostas – Mono White Weenie

10th: Will – Mono Black Midrange

11th: John – Erhnam ‘n Swords ’em

12th: Eddie – Mono Black Midrange

13th: Phil – Beast Island

14th: Mike – LDB (Lion, Dib, Bolt)

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