June 2023 Monthly – Event

Ottawa Old Schoolers

I was worried the pace would slow down for monthlies during the summer. I should have known that wouldn’t be the case with our lovely Ottawa folks. We had 12 players join us on this warm evening.

Did someone take off their flip flops?

Five players returned from LOBSTERCON a week earlier. Back and hungry for more Magic.

Kobolds vs. Weenies

Because there is a habit of NOT SENDING ME DECK PICS, I will have to work from memory.

Kobolds vs. Goblins

Weenie decks were in full force and Arabian Nights cards ticked down. There really was a lovely balance of different decks this evening.

Battle of the 1/1s

Seven out of 12 players were on mono-colour decks so I’m not sure Blood Moon is the meta call.

Ceci n’est pas une Tolaria

After 4 rounds, two 3-0s remained and Joe’s Mono Green Horde bested Patrick’s UWb Flyers for the prize card. Congrats Joe!

Final standings

1st: Joe – Mono Green

2nd: Patrick – UWb Flyers

One of those Terrors looks funny.

3rd: Kostas – Mono White Weenie

4th: Pat – Jund Zoo

Includes Photoshopped Ball Lightnings

5th: Jimmy – The Deck

6th: Brian – Mono Black Prison

7th: Eddie – Mono Black Aggro

8th Chelsea – Mono White Weenie

9th: Mike – UWR Aggro

10th: Laura – Mono Red Goblins

11th: Dylan – UWR

12th: Fred – Mono Red Kobolds

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