Dragon Brawl II – Tournament Report

In March, 16 dragon masters from all across the EST timezone lined-up to battle for some gold.

We had a better representation of the dragons this time. Instead of half of all decks being Nicol Bolas, he commanded a more reasonable quarter of the decks out there. Arcades was the most popular dragon in March partly owing to the fact that Joel and Andrew, the only two people who had their dragons assigned randomly, were both running her.

Andrew became the newest member of the Random Dragon Club. Welcome, pal!

Top 4

We had a far more diverse range of dragons in the Top 4 this time around.

4th: Louis with VV. The first time a non-blue Dragon has made it this far.
3rd: Kevin (me) with Arcades.
2nd: Abu Dragon, Lorenzo, with Nicol.
1st: Newest father of Dragons, Patrick Burt, with the help of Chromium.

Other Prizes

Andrew had the most number of dragons cast per game with 1.2. Nice work, dude!

Cardboard photographer and deckpic extraordinaire Greg of Instagram kindly agreed to be the judge for the Beautiful Deckpic award. He could use whatever criteria he liked as long as it was what he would consider to a beautiful deckpic. The winner was me! Congratulations, me! Here’s what Greg had to say about his choice:

Let’s just say it moved me … TO A BIGGER HOUSE

I’m kidding. Here’s what he really said.

* Nice layout,
* logical grouping of cards to really get a feel for the deck,
* beautiful tokens shown alongside the deck,
* nice badge placement,
* Birds of Paradise
* my favorite versions of Forest and Island,

Before you all call the Old School Magic Internal Investigations on me, I want you to know that all of the deckpics were randomized and anonymized when they were sent to Greg for judgement.

Going Forward

Control Magic has been banned. In a format largely based around creatures where enchantments are hard to remove, a 4-mana two-for-one in in the best colour was proving to be too powerful.

The next event will be starting in May, aligning with the Tundra Wolves‘ Month of the Dragons.


Alex B
Andrew R
Geoff M – Love the Braingeyser alter
Jason K
Jason S
Joel B
Kevin V – Beautiful Deckpic Winner and 3rd Place
Laurence Bootlegger
LG E – 4th place
Lorenzo – 2nd place
Mike Y
Patrick B – Abu Dragon
Thomas A – Nice cardboard
Yanick B

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