Announcing Boreal Community Cup 2

With everything happening with Omicron, how about another Boreal Community Cup to keep our minds off things, and to bring the Canadian communities together? And by that, we mean pitting Canada’s Old School communities against each other, all to benefit charity!

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  • Registration closes: February 10 – EXTENDED TO FEBRUARY 11 @ 7:30PM EST
  • Event date: February 12 – 27
  • Multi-day, Webcam event, played over Whereby/Facebook/Discord. 
  • Structure: Get 5 opponents; Play your matches in the timeframe; Pairings posted in Discord.
  • Entry fee: $15 CAD
  • RulesetBoreal; Proxies allowed.
  • Spike or spice: Register for one or the other, and play with those who did the same.
  • Community scoring

Community concept

In this event, Old School communities are competing against each other to win the Community Cup. An entire community, and not a person, wins the Cup. Communities get points for wins in the Spike bracket, and for spice votes from judges in the Spice bracket.

If you are not part of a Canadian community, that’s okay. You will still be able to play with other Outsiders as a community.

The winning community picks the charity

At the end of the tournament, the charity chosen by the community with the highest average points per person receives all entry fees and raffle proceeds. (Charity subject to review by organizers. Please choose something Canadian with an online donation link.)

The organizers will identify a national Canadian charity in the event the outsiders win.

Community scoring

At the end of the tournament, Community scores are determined by adding:

  • 1 point per members’ match wins in the Spike bracket
  • 1 point per members’ spice votes in the Spice bracket

These points go towards their community’s score. If you aren’t part of the 6 Canadian Old School communities represented, your points go towards the outsiders.

After that, your score is divided by the number of members playing for the community. Communities must have a minimum of 3 players.

Spice votes

Each of the 4 organizers (and one guest) will vote for spicy decks. Each organizer will have votes equal to half the number of participants.


Prize cards will be mailed to a representative from each community to decide how to best get cards to their members.

Participation prizes

Each player will get a stamped Unlimited Forest. Each Forest will reflect how well your community did.

  • First place: golden, stamped Unlimited forests.
  • Second place: silver, stamped Unlimited forests.
  • Third place: bronze, stamped Unlimited forests.
  • Everyone else: stamped Unlimited forest.

Other prizes

  • The player with the best record in the Spike bracket will receive a special prize card commemorating their victory. (Breakers: Community points average, GW%)
  • The player with spiciest deck (chosen from 5-0s by organizers) will receive a special prize card commemorating their feat.
  • The player with the best record in the Spice bracket will receive a special prize card commemorating their victory. (Breakers: Community points average, GW%)
  • The player with the coolest play/boardstate/win condition/whatever (share your anecdotes in Discord) will receive a special prize card commemorating their feat (as determined by judges).


More details to come.

Decklist submission

Submit your decklist through this Google Form before you play your first match.

Join the Discord

If you haven’t done so already, make sure you join the Canadian Old School Discord where we’ll be releasing more information.

Registration ($15 CAD)

When you register at the link below, you will be asked to send $15 via Paypal Gift/E-transfer to

Register now

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