Boreal Community Cup Event Report

The Canadian Old School communities’ organizers hosted the very first Boreal Community Cup: a one-day webcam event on February 6. 

70 players from across the world battled for their community using the Boreal ruleset, effectively 4-Strip-Mine Atlantic. Thanks to the players and donors, the event raised $1,905 for Jeunesse au soleil (Sun Youth). And an especially big thanks to our judges, David Lachance-Poitras and Robert Hinrichsen, who put in a lot of work to make sure the event didn’t go too off the rails.

This event included a bit of a twist. An entire community, and not a person, wins the Cup and communities get points for their performance in the Swiss, spice and their use of their Community card (see below).

Community cards

See the original event page to learn more about the specifics.

The Winner

The Montreal Tundra Wolves amassed the most points throughout the event. They showed up in strong numbers with their community cards, and performed very well in the Swiss. Because their victory, the money raised was donated to the charity they chose: Jeunesse au soleil (Sun Youth).

Congratulations to our lupine friends!

Final scores by community

Special mentions

  • The Toronto Geocities of Brass had a similarly strong showing, with a lot of spice, but it looks like they couldn’t catch up to the Wolves in the Swiss.
  • The Ottawa Capital Chaos and Vancouver Grizzly Bears each brought a lot of points per player, but didn’t have the numbers to catch up to the Wolves.
  • We did not expect the Outsiders to show up in the numbers they did. They brought enough rats and spice to make the Canadians very nervous.
  • The Oshawa Scavenger Folk were a late addition to the tournament, and fought valiantly in the Swiss.

Spicy Players

These players each received 4 spice points: all organizers agreed their deck was spicy. After deliberating, we decided Robert takes home the prize card.

Bountry Prizes

Bounty prizes by Dave Lee (@Derfington)

The players who eliminated the most people from a single club received a prize card. Your winners:

6-0 and 5-1 Players

It came down to Round 6: Will and Rémi were the only two players who were 5-0. Will took it as the Mono Black deck struggled to answer the artifact army backed up by The Abyss.


In addition to the prize cards, members of the community donated $735 worth in prizes to be raffled to those who donated to the winner’s charity.

German FBB Land starter kit – 75 total lands, 5 per art150Jason S (TOR)Yanick B (QUE)
Christopher Rush in memoriam print – Signed by Ken Meyer #120Patrick B (OTT)Peter M (OUT)
Christopher Rush in memoriam print – Signed by Ken Meyer #220Patrick B (OTT)Quinn O (VAN)
German FBB Winter Orb – Frostbringer100Jason S (TOR)Yanick B (QUE)
2x signed Chinese FBB Energy Flux artist proofs40Jason S (TOR)DFB (Donor)
FBB Portuguese Mind Twist and Demonic Tutor45Jason S (TOR)Philippe A (QUE)
7x beta forests, 2x beta mountains, 1x beta plains (inked)60Jason S (TOR)Drew L (OTT)
Signed Underground Sea Print30Jason S (TOR)Martin B (MTL)
Signed Arena Print30Jason S (TOR)Jon D (OUT)
Signed Twiddle Print30Jason S (TOR)Jon Y (Donor)
Winter Factory playmat – Signed by the Foglios120Jason S (TOR)Raymond M (OSH)
Italian Mirror Universe90Yan G (QUE)Jon Y (Donor)
“Merhans” Party Pack – altered Disenchant, 4x FBB Juggernauts, Rukh tokens50Mario M (OUT)Jon D (OUT)
Scryings Expansion Pack Poster #140Slanfan (Tolaria)Jeremy T (Donor)
Scryings Expansion Pack Poster #240Slanfan (Tolaria)Eric DC (TOR)
“Slanfan” Alter Pack – Twiddle, Plains, Terror30Slanfan (Tolaria)Brian O (OUT)
“Slammdunkerton” Howling Demon Pack – UNL Demonic Tutor, 2x 4ED Howling Mines100Eric DC (TOR)Chris M (Donor)
Quebec City Old School Playmat50LG Emond (OTT)Mark S (Donor)

Final Thoughts

Our goal with this event was to help connect our Canadian communities, and we hope you were able to make friends from across the country (and across the world, thanks to the Outsiders). We thank everyone for playing, for their donations, and for their patience as we ran into snags throughout the day.

Whether you played, watched or wished you could join, we hope at the next tournament, you will… Run with us.

Other Coverage (in French)

Jason Keays (OTT) was kind enough to cover the event and share some of his matches.

Decklists (Alphabetical by first name)

Aaron Sherban (OSH) – Mono Green Spores
Alexandre Viel (QUE) – Abyssal Artisans
Alexandre Blanchette (MTL) – Lusting Wolves
Andrew Ruschpler (TOR) – Brass Underworld
Andy Blaufarb (OUT) – Hymn to the Bog
Anthony Jordan (OUT) – Savannah Rats
Arnaud Labelle (MTL) – Wolf Weenie
Benjamin Burke (MTL) – Nether Wolf
Benjamin Gadoua (MTL) – Deadwolf Ale
Bine Eclaire (OUT) – Goblin Aioli
Brian Bogdon (TOR) – Brass Stax
Brendan McBain (VAN) – Grizzly Lightning
Brian O’Reilly (OUT) – Wall of Bog
Cam Wolber (VAN) – Grizzlegeddon
Chris Bird (TOR) – Robot Reanimator
Chris Sternad (OSH) – Burnageddon
Chris Suppa (TOR) – Counterbrass
Christian Arcand (QUE) – Gobatog
Craig Winzer (OUT) – Erhnams in the Bog
Dave Dupont (QUE) – Goblin Power
David Dunn (OTT) – Goblin Captain
Dominic Beaudry (MTL) – Wolf Dreams
Drew Lennon (OTT) – Orchamgeddon
Eric Do Couto (TOR) – Sage of Brass
Francois Derbas Thibodeau (MTL) – WolvesvoidD
Francois Rousseau (QUE) – Forkin’ Goblins
Gaetan Zell (VAN) – Grizzled Grixis
Guillaume Larouche (QUE) – Goblin Fireworks
Jakob Lager (OUT) – Ratzerker
James Onions (VAN) – Robot Bears
Jason Keays (OTT) – Ghost Orcs
Jason Shaw (TOR) – Brass Flyers
Jeff Kinsey (VAN) – Erh ’em and Bear ’em
Joel Bowers (TOR) – Brass Atog
Jon Dittert (OUT) – The Fire Swamp
Josh Jones (TOR) – Brass Atog
Karl Rivest Harnois (MTL) – The Tundreal Special
Kevin Vanier (OTT) – Orcish Chaos
Kyril Doubson (MTL) – The Tundra Deck
Larry Clow (OUT) – Bad Night in the Desert (Main)
Larry Clow (OUT) – Bad Night in the Desert (Side)
Lorenzo Foroni (OTT) – Azog and Smaug
Louis Emond (OTT) – Preaching Orcs
Louis-Pierre Arsenault (QUE) – Goblin Disco
Marc-Antoine Deragon (MTL) – The Deck
Marc Flore (OUT) – Rat Moon
Mario Murr (OUT) – Pink Rats
Mark Marra (OUT) – Rat Moon
Martin Boutet (MTL) – Tundrazerk
Martin Hébert (MTL) – Deadwolf Ale
Maxime Bergeron (MTL) – Lusty Wolves
Mike Yam (TOR) – Brass Atog
Nick Johnston (TOR) – Robot Prison
Owen Fletcher (TOR) – A Diamond in the Rough
Peter Magnin (OUT) – Rats in the Forest
Philippe Arcand (QUE) – Goblin Altar
Pierre-Olivier Roy (MTL) – Icy Wolves
Quinn Omori (VAN) – Angry Bears
Raymond Mitchell (OSH) – UW Skies
Remi Ouellette (MTL) – Hymn to Tundra
Richard Welch (TOR) – Brass Air
Robert Cross (TOR) – Brass Butts
Rob Hackney (VAN) – Lion’s Grizzly Edge
Rob Koo (TOR) – Brass Lightning
Rodrigo Garcia (VAN) – It’s Meta Morphin’ Time
Sebastien Gaudreault (MTL) – Fallen Wolves
Thomas Ashby (TOR) – Brassputin’s Laboratory
Will Magrann (OUT) – Dingus Shops
Yan Gaudreault (QUE) – Uncertain Goblins in the Woods
Yanick Blanchet (QUE) – Robot Goblatog

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