Announcing the Boreal Community Cup

Canadian Old School communities’ organizers will be hosting the very first Boreal Community Cup: a one-day webcam event on February 6. Canadian Old School communities (including Capital Chaos) will be competing with others to win the Cup. An entire community, and not a person, wins the Cup and communities get points for their performance in the Swiss, spice and their use of their Community card (see below). Also, the winning community picks the charity.

Event snapshot

  • One-day, webcam event, played over Discord. 
  • 6 rounds of Swiss. No Top 8
  • Entry fee: $15
  • RulesetBoreal; Proxies allowed.
  • Start time: 1pm EST
  • 1 hour break after Round 4

There are prize cards for all participantsbounty prizes for eliminating the most enemy club members, and a giveaway for those who want to donate extra for the winning community’s cause.

These are the cards that community members can use to boost their community’s score:

See the full event details and register on Eventbrite.

If you haven’t done so already, make sure you join the Canadian Old School Discord where we’ll be running the tournament and releasing information.

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