The Dragon Brawl Results

With 15 participants from across Canada (and Philadelphia!), our first ever brawl league, the Capital Chaos Dragon Brawl, has wrapped-up. The caveat on this brawl event was that your commander had to be one of the five elder dragon legends.


The Dragon Brawl was an Old School Brawl league double-elimination league with a 16-player cap. What is OS Brawl? A 60-card singleton, commander format with OS93/94-legal cards (Alpha through Fallen Empires) only. In the Dragon Brawl, your commander must be one one of the give elder dragon legends.

Each card in your Brawl deck must only use mana symbols that also appear on your commander. (Colourless cards are allowed in any deck.)

Ring of Ma’rûf is legal, but you may only use it to get a card that is legal and that you do not already have a copy of in your deck. (If you are playing a UGW deck, you can get a copy of Lightning Bolt and cast it from your Black Lotus.)

Ban List

  • all ante cards
  • Karakas
  • Ancestral Recall
  • Library of Alexandria
  • Braingeyser
  • Mind Twist
  • City in a Bottle
  • Ivory Tower


Prizes were awarded for:

  • Champion
  • Runner-up
  • 3rd Place
  • 4th Place
  • Beautiful Deckpic
  • Most dragons cast per game
  • Bonus: Those who agreed to have their random chosen randomly


Jason K both cast the most dragons (10 total) and had the most casts per game (1.25).

Patrick B wins the beautiful deckpic award for his Nicol Bolas pile.

Laurence Bootlegger, Joel B, and myself (Kevin V) had our dragons assigned randomly (Vaevictus, Vaevictus, and Arcades, respectively).

Will M narrowly falls into fourth place after being defeated by LGE who settled with third.

The Capital Chaos legend himself, Patrick B holds the runner-up.

Finally, our champion, Abu Dragon, Lorenzo F! Congratulations!


Clubs Represented

Dragons Represented


Ben S

Bryant G

Eric Do


Jason S

Jason K

Joel B

Kevin Vanier

Laurence Bootlegger

Lorenzo F


Patrick Burt

Raymond M

Thomas A

Will M

Looking Ahead

I had a wonderful time playing in the event and running it was a blast. We had a great group of people participating and I received much positive feedback. I also received a substantial amount of feedback on how to improve the format going forward. (Eg, different commanders, p9 banned, 7 point system, multiples of some cards allowed, and so on.) None of the feedback was unified and there was thrice as many opposing suggestions as there were people in the event. I believe there isn’t enough data to make any strong conclusions so when the Dragon Brawl returns, likely in February or March of 2021, it will be run back with the same rules. Nothing will be banned or unbanned. There is a Watch List and it contains the following: Time Walk and Control Magic.

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