September 2022 Monthly – Event

September 2022 Monthly

Ten mages joined us for the September 2022 monthly event in Ottawa’s downtown.

Mono Green vs. Powered Deadguy

The Royal Oak gave us the time and space we needed for people to have some elbow room with a bit of privacy.

Turn 2 Channel into Fireball

We saw new decks, decks dusted off from the pre-pandemic era, and decks that emerged after two years of iterations.

The Deck vs. America Midrange

With 10 players, there were 4 rounds. We knew standings could be close without a clear winner.

Erhnam and Burn ’em vs. Easter Egg

Joe S was the sole 3-0 going into the last round. A win would have clenched the monthly for him. Unfortunately, he lost the last round versus Lorenzo F, which meant a 3-way tie at 3-1.

February 2020 Monthly Winner: Dylan K

In the end, Dylan K sneaks in on breakers as the winner of the monthly. Congratulations!

Final standings

1st: Dylan K — America Midrange

2nd: Lorenzo F – The Deck

3rd: Joe S – Mono Green

4th: Louis E – Easter Egg

5th: Kevin V – Lion Dib Bolt

6th: Evan W – RG Ponza

7th: Paul G – Erhnam and Burn ’em

8th: Patrick B – Black MUD

9th: Michael M – Powered Deadguy

10th: Chelsea M – Mono White

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