Announcing ChaosCon – November 19, 2022

“What else, when chaos draws all forces inward to shape a single leaf meet.”
— Conrad Aiken (ish)

Join us November 19, 2022 for a day of Old School and Premodern in Canada’s capital, Ottawa. As is tradition, all entry fees and money raised will go to our community’s preferred charity, Ottawa Food Bank.

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  • Date and time: November 19, 12pm (doors open)
  • Entry fee: $30 CAD (includes entry to both events)
  • Registration closes: November 19, 12:30pm
  • Location: Clocktower (Glebe) – 575 Bank Street
  • Proxies allowed
  • All proceeds go to Ottawa Food Bank
  • Decklists: Deck pictures mandatory for both events

Old School Event

Old School prizes

  • Stamped event card for all participants
  • 1st place Swiss: Stamped, altered Strip Mine
  • 2nd-4th place Swiss: Stamped, altered Argothian Pixies
  • Spiciest: Stamped, altered Strip Mine
  • 2nd-4th spiciest: Stamped, altered Sage of Lat-Nam

Premodern Event

For players who aren’t interested in Premodern, there will be space to play whatever your heart desires, including Alpha40, Unlimited40, or cube.

Premodern prizes

  • Stamped event card for all participants
  • 1st place Swiss: Stamped, altered Wasteland
  • 2nd-4th place Swiss: Stamped, altered 4ED Lightning Bolt


All players will be entered into a raffle to receive stamped cards including:

  • Antiquities Spring Factory
  • Beta Terror
  • Beta Circle of Protection: Red (2)
  • Beta Red Elemental Blast

In addition, there will be more prizes depending on the number of registrants:

  • Beta Blue Elemental Blast (28+ people)
  • Antiquities Strip Mine (38+ people)
  • Beta Blue Elemental Blast (42+ people)
  • Beta Red Elemental Blast (55+ people)

The draw happens before the first round of Premodern.

Silent auction

There will be a variety of signed prints from Ken Meyer Jr. and Anson Maddocks, and a repaint by Drew Tucker of High Tide available.

Winners will be identified before the second round of Premodern.

Drew Tucker original repaint: High Tide

Decklist submission

Send your deck pics to on the day of the tournament or before. If you are vying for spice, include SPICE in the subject line and send it before the tournament to allow time to judge spiciness.

Join the Discord

If you haven’t done so already, make sure you join the Canadian Old School Discord where we’ll be sharing more information.

Registration ($30 CAD)

When you register at the link below, you will be asked to send $30 via Paypal Gift/E-transfer to

Register now

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