February 2023 Monthly – Event

Our 12 players at the February monthly – All pictures courtesy of Jason

Terribly sorry for the late event summary. I’m a terrible procrastinator. Twelve people rocked out for the February monthly at our usual location, the Royal Oak.

The City in a Bottle seems like a better play here

I don’t remember much of what happened. It was probably cold.

Paying the Tabernacle tax as his opponent hopes to find The Abyss

A note-worthy jeer was newcomer Matt besting Ottawa veteran Patrick in Orb flips in the final round to avoid a match tie. Patrick will never let it down after missing his first (or second) orb flip versus Matt, who has a 10% hit rate on a good day.

Forest-walking Serendib

The other story is the one of our two finalists: Joe and Jason. Joe had become intimately familiar with tie-breakers as a routine 2nd place finisher in the past years. Jason often sneaks in above X-X in larger events. Both had yet to win a monthly.

An invisible windmill slam

In the finals, where both players went in 3-0, it was Joe who was able to secure first place with his Mono Green horde versus Jason’s Mono Black deck. Congratulations Joe!

Final standings

1st: Joe – Mono Green

2nd: Jason – Mono Black

3rd: Matt – Erhnamgeddon

4th: Eddie – ??

5th: Chelsea – Mono White Aggro

6th: Brian – Mono Black Control

7th: Patrick – UWb Control

8th: David – ??

9th: Laura – Mono Red

10th: Dylan – UWR Flyers

11th: John – Erhnam ‘n Burn ’em

12th: Drew – Erhnamgeddon

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