May 2023 Monthly – Event

We set a new record since the pandemic with seventeen players making it out for May’s monthly event. We welcomed back seasoned veterans and a new player who’d dug up his old cards from his parents’ basement.

Straight to jail

Multi-colour piles were a minority with only 3 decks opting for more than 2 colours.

Black Mirror: Coming Summer 2023

While normally, City and a Bottle would devastate most decks we see at our monthlies, it seems Circle of Protections for Black and Red would be better placed now.

A perfect curve

With 17 players, there was a chance there would be two 4-0s and the winner would be decided on breakers.

New method of breaking ties?

And that was exactly what happened. Both Patrick and Kevin finished the evening with 4-0 records. Patrick eked out the victory on breakers: Opponent Match Win %. Congratulations Patrick!

Channel Fireball vs. Disco Statue

Final standings

1st: Patrick – UWb Control

2nd: Kevin – BWu Scrubby Skies

3rd: Brian – Mono Black Prison

4th: Joe – Mono Green Aggro

5th: Kostas – White Weenie

6th: John – RG Midrange

7th: Jimmy – UR Counterburn

8th: Jason – Mono Black Disco Statue

9th: Evan – RG Moon

10th: Mike – Mono Red Goblins

11th: Eddie – Mono Black Aggro

12th: Drew – Erhnamgeddon

13th: Phil – Mono Black Aggro

14th: Chelsea – White Weenie

15th: Laura – Mono Red Goblins

16th: Paul – Erhnam Burn’em

17th: Fred – Mono Red Kobold-B-Q

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