August 2019 Monthly – Event Report

August 2019 Monthly

We had 18 players for this month’s event at Clocktower. Thankfully, they let us use their basement so we had plenty of elbow room.

Troll Disco vs. Mono B Rack

We had 4 new players join us with another popping in to see what we’re all about and snagging a few games between rounds.

Naya Winter Orb vs. Mono W

Unfortunately, after the 3rd round, I noticed I made a mistake reporting a match in Round 2. This meant the last round’s pairings were done manually and there were mis-pairings in Round 3.

Mono G Djinns and Efreets vs. Mono B

Louis (Atog) was the only 3-0 going into the last round.

Pink Weenie vs. a sad UG Lands player

In the last round, Lorenzo upset Louis. Without accurate standings, Lorenzo was crowned August’s champion for his feat!

Lorenzo: Our August 2019 champion

Final standings

Detailed standings are not available because I buggered up on Challonge.

  • 3-1 records
    • Louis – Atog
    • Lorenzo – Troll Disco
    • Andy – Mono B
    • Jimmy – The Deck
    • Justin – Pink Weenie
    • David – Mono R
  • 2-2 records
    • Kevin – Mono G
    • Jason K – Mono B
    • Patrick – UG Lands
    • Drew – Bant Midrange
    • Joe – Naya Winter Orb
    • Matteo – Naya Weenie
  • 1-3 records
    • Sarah – Mono W
    • Jason – UW Control
    • Laura – Mono R
    • Chelsea – Mono W
    • Brian – Mono B
  • 0-4 records
    • Kostas – Mono R Goblins
Snap keep from The Deck

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