October 2019 Monthly – Event

October 2019 Monthly

We had 12 players join us for this month’s monthly, including 2 new players. The Canal Royal Oak graciously hosted us.

Capital Chaos with Montreal’s trophy

Before we started, we wanted to show off the trophy that Louis had won in Montreal. He won the Halloween Challenge the previous night. Congrats Louis!

A goblin staring down a demonic horde

Even those with extensive collections were seeing playing their mono-colored decks. Hopefully, this means less Blood Moon in the future?

Skull of Orm control vs. Granite Gargoyle control

There were a few brews afoot which included multi-color midrange decks and an extra spicy Skull of Orm Midrange deck.

Reanimator’s turn 1.

Combo was only represented by Reanimator, who managed to hit an opponent with Nicol Bolas turn 2, and still lost.

Mono white vs. Mono black.

The finals paired Kevin’s Bant Control vs. Louis’s Skull of Orm Midrange deck.

Louis took down the monthly with a 4-0 finish on his brew which includes: Diamond Valley, Rukh Egg, Skull of Orm, Animate Dead, Dancing Scimitar and The Abyss. For those keeping track, that is his 2nd win in 2 nights in Old School tournaments. Congrats again, Louis!

Final standings

1st: Louis – Skull of Orm Midrange
2nd: Jason – Mono B Aggro
3rd: Kevin – Bant Midrange
4th: Joe – Mono G Aggro
5th: Brian – Mono B Nether Void
6th: Riccardo – Gruul Aggro
7th: Patrick – Reanimator
8th: Laura – Mono R Goblins
9th: Lorenzo – Jeskai Gargoyle Control
10th: Ricardo – Mardu Control
11th: Chelsea – Mono W Aggro
12th: Matt – Mono B Demonic Hordes

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