Dazed and Fused-Con 2020 – Announcement

Dazed and Fused-Con is postponed until further notice. For now, we will be running an online tournament.

Last year’s Dazed and Fused-Con helped bring new players to the community. We want to do it all over again, but better.

We will be playing in the basement of The Clocktower Brew Pub Glebe, 575 Bank Street, Ottawa. The area will only be used by the event and we will have a dedicated server.

There will be two organized events this year: Old School and Premodern. Proceeds will go to the Ottawa Food Bank.

Old school – Main event

  • Rounds: 6
  • Entry fee: $20 (all to charity)
  • Start time: 1pm (Registration at noon)
  • Banlist and rules: Eternal central
  • Prizes: Best Swiss finish (TBD), Spiciest deck (TBD)
  • Deck pictures are required. Send them to capitalchaosottawa@gmail.com
  • Bring a card worth ~$5 to be signed by all participants. Cards will be drafted in reverse Swiss order (ie.: last place picks first)

We expect there to be a 1 hour break between both events to have dinner.

Premodern – Bonus event

If Premodern isn’t your bag, there will be plenty of space to continue playing whatever format you want.


This year, we’ll be hosting a raffle where all proceeds go to charity. It will include Magic oddities, prints, gift cards and more. Tickets are expected to cost $2 each or 3 for $5.

Raffle time: Before Premodern event

Chaos Orb flip-off

We will running this event again this year. Pay $5 and flip a Chaos Orb successfully as many times in a row as you can. Whoever does it longest gets the prize (TBD).

Flip-off time: Before Premodern event


To help give us an idea of numbers, please say that you’re attending on the Facebook event.

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